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DiVinciX is a platform that showcases the top freelancers in the fields of content creation, digital art and logo design, animation, game development, social media and social media marketing, full stack developers, blockchain to actual product sales.

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Our Community Is Amaizing

Our Community Is Amaizing

Our community is comprised of likeminded professionals that share the goal of providing the best possible service, in a timely fashion at the best prices possible. DivinciX uses the LEON token to reduce the level of fraud often associated with gig and freelancer websites.

  • Fast and Reliable Dealings

    Our platform is P2P and allows instant approval of job requirements.

  • User Data Secured in Vault

    Our Hollaex Vault is built on the IBM framework and uses the highest level of 256bit encryption powered by Watson AI.

  • Live Chat Supprt 24/7 Available

    Our customer service agents are standing by to assist you with any questions you may have.

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Work That Go With You, Anywhere! Work That Go With You, Anywhere!
v1.2.6 Latest version is out now, click here to see changelog

Work That Go With You, Anywhere!

Our mobile app is being launched in Q3 2022. 

  • App Extensive Features

  • Instant job booking HOT
  • Real-Time Chat
  • Direct Wallet Access HOT
  • White Board Functionality with Trello HOT
  • Mobile Checkout HOT

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